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When I was a youngster I started out playing baseball just like all of the other kids in the neighborhood.  We had pick-up games and played whiffle ball long before we could enter Little League.  In those days, there were only two levels of the Little League program, the “Farm Team” and the Little League team.  I played on the farm team for a year and never did make it to the Little League level of play because I was too short and too slow.  If I had been either taller or faster I probably could have made it to the big league but that was not going to happen. 

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Instead, it came about that my father, as part of his duties for his job, was able to join a country club which had a golf course.  I found out quite quickly that to be a good golfer did not require a person to be either tall or fast.  I was hooked. 

I took lessons, practiced and played golf every free moment for the next six years.  By that time I knew a lot about swing mechanics, practice techniques and what do in order to correct bad swing habits.  I have continued this learning process throughout my adult life as you can never learn enough to excel in the sport of golf.


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Later in life, I became a father and my son joined the Little League program when he was in kindergarten.  Not wanting to be sitting on the sidelines, I helped out coaching the team.  Since he was starting in T-Ball you really did not have to have a in-depth knowledge of baseball techniques in order to help the kids improve in their skills.  As he moved through the system I improved my knowledge of the game and came to the realization that swinging a baseball bat and pitching a baseball uses the exact same techniques as hitting a golf ball.


 baseball pitching instructions

So you wonder how can swinging a golf club, hitting a baseball, and throwing a pitch from the pitcher’s mound be the same thing.  Well, it all comes down to balance, weight shift, and loading up the swing with power so at the point of impact (or release) hits maximum velocity.  It’s easy to see how the swing mechanics of hitting a golf ball or a baseball are very similar.  The difference is the fact that a golf ball is hit from the ground and a baseball is hit somewhere between the knees and the armpits.  Pitching a baseball, on the other hand, appears different until you realize that the idea is not to just throw the ball with your arm, but is really to whip your arm around your body and launch the ball from your hand towards the plate.  The body motion required to perform this whipping function is the same idea as hitting a baseball or a golf ball but the club or bat, in this instance, is the arm.

For this reason, lessons and techniques to improve hitting, pitching and the golf swing are very similar in nature as they all center on the same process – fluid motion of the body to produce maximum power and velocity at the point of release.  This site is developed so that golfers and baseball players alike can benefit from the sport training exercises and instruction contained herein.