Exercises to Improve Golf Swing

3 Dynamic Concept Golf Swing Principles – by Veteran PGA Tour Player John Toepel "The Golf Genius"
 by: John Toepel  

Concept Golf’s five swing principles have been proven effective by countless golfers at all levels. The principles are not just theory — they are what works and what the best players have always done. These five fundamentals cause all of the positive, desired effects you see in the Tour Players’ swings. They are based upon the same fundamental athletic motion you use when you throw a ball. They are not scientific, but they do follow the laws of physics. You don’t need to think about these things, but having a thorough understanding of the total concept of the swing will benefit you.

3. Weight Transfer: This is the foundation the basic athletic motion used in every ground based sport. It is simply the moving of the body to the back foot to cause the back swinging motion. Then moving the body to the front foot to cause the through swinging motion. It is movement OVER to the back foot. You can accomplish this by picking your front foot up in the air. What happens? All of your weight moves to your back foot. That’s exactly what you want to have happen.

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By moving all your weight to your back foot you have gotten the mass of your body behind the ball and it is now ready to move back through the ball. To reverse the direction of the swing, transfer all of your weight from your back foot to your front foot. That is all there is to it. Stand on your back foot then stand on your front foot.

There is NO turning, just a lateral move to your back foot then to your front foot. Might your head move when you do this? YES, it will. Is this OK? It is necessary, not just OK. The still head thing is a myth, a folk remedy discussed in The Swing book.

It is the moving of your body through weight transfer that permits the swinging of your arms. This is strength, power, effortlessness, distance, consistency. Other than that its not important.

This principle is intertwined with the next principle, Relaxation. They are dependent on each other. Without weight transfer, relaxation will not and cannot occur. Without relaxation weight transfer cannot and will not occur.

4. Relaxation: This is possible for you, and every golfer, to accomplish. It is necessary for every golfer to accomplish if he is to have any real quality shots success. This is the secret to great distance. It is the secret to high consistency quality shots. Nothing works well in athletics without relaxation. It seems to be counter-intuitive in golf.

You see the green 442 yards away and you drive the ball with all your might. That’s seems to be the effective thing to do to make the ball go as far as possible. What happens to the drive? It goes 157 yards slicing in to the trees. The solution? Swing harder. You’re really going to kill the ball this time. The result? You do kill it this time. It dies at your feet!!

The golf swing is an expression of centrifugal force. Remember swinging the rock at the end of the string in science class in 8th grade? To make the rock go faster you had two choices; speed up your hand that held the end of the string or make the string longer. PUSHING ON THE STRING MADE THE ROCK STOP, NOT GO FASTER.

That’s centrifugal force, that’s the golf swing. The rock on the end of the string is the club head. The string is the shaft and your arms. The string attaches at your sternum. To make the club head move more quickly you have two choices; lengthen the string (longer shaft) or speed up your sternum. BY PUSHING ON THE STRING YOU WILL NOT MAKE THE CLUB MOVE MORE QUICKLY, YOU WILL SLOW IT DOWN.

To create maximum speed in the club head requires maximum relaxation in your shoulders. Then the club will be swung without interruption. Your job is to relax so your arms can swing freely, so your club can swing freely and at its maximum possible speed.

Trying to swing your club at the ball with all your might will keep you a 100&#43 shooter. I promise.

How do you speed up your sternum? With your feet just like you do when you throw a ball. Want to throw it farther, quicken your feet. Want to hit a longer shot? Quicken your feet a little bit. Don’t try hard to quicken your feet a lot. A little additional speed in you feet translates to a lot more speed in your sternum and a whole lot more speed in your club head.

Relax your shoulders until it seems they are coming out of their sockets DURING THE ENTIRE SWING and you have increased your club speed exponentially. I promise.

5. Back leg and knee: This is your real source of power. During your backswing, keep your back leg flexed and the weight and pressure on the ball and big toe of your foot. Now as you reach the top of your backswing your back leg is in position to push against the ground in order to push your body forward to your front foot. The good baseball pitchers pitch with this motion. You throw a ball this way , pitch a horse shoe this way, shoot a basket ball this way, etc., etc. your power, and delicacy come from your back leg. It can and will work automatically if you have weight transfer, relaxation and keep you back leg flexed during the backswing.

Did you notice that I spent more words describing the relaxation section than the other four sections? Would it seem that I think relaxation is important?

Now, relax your shoulders and go play golf. The five Concept Golf swing principles are not five things to do but a whole concept to understand.

Concept Golf is a revolutionary golf instruction system unlike any other, producing immediate, life-long, dramatic improvements in any golfer from beginners to Pro’s. Visit Concept Golf – golf instruction to learn more.

About The Author

John Toepel, Jr. is a Veteran PGA TourPlayer, a professional golf instructor, author and professional speaker. Your success is his passion. He is the discoverer of Concept Golf, the first principles-based golf instruction system. It is the fastest way to long lasting improvements to your golf game. To learn more about Concept Golf, including the most comprehensive golf instruction system ever created, The Concept Golf Perfect ShotMaking System, please visit http://www.conceptgolf.com and Discover the Par Golfer in You.



Principles versus Mechanics

It is this understanding that will allow the body and its “system” to create a perfect golf swing for each individual. As you know, principals are ideas that are the same for every individual, changeless over time.

Golf Swing

As you can imagine one of the most principal parts of being a victorious golf player is learning precisely how to swing and hit the ball right. If youre golf swing is not up to the mark, it can ruin your chance of playing a successful round.

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How to Buy a Baseball Gloves

Things To Consider While Buying Baseball Gloves

Baseball glove is one of the most essential pieces of equipment required to play ball. The right glove can greatly enhance your performance whereas the wrong one can make even great players look bad on the field. This is why it becomes so important to invest your time to buy the right baseball gloves. This guide will help you do just that by educating you on some basic aspects that you need to take into consideration which buying your glove.

Type of glove to buy

The type of glove you need to buy purely depends on the position you will be playing in the game. Based on the position you can decide to go for infield, outfield, first base, pitcher’s or catchers gloves. Incase you plan to play at more than one position it would be best for you to buy multiple gloves.

baseball training equipment, baseball mojo

If you are a catcher you should be looking to buy catcher’s mitts that come with extra padding and a deep pocket. 1st basemen should go for 1st base gloves that are specially structured and come with a deeper pocket to easily trap the ball. Infield gloves that come with smaller pockets are meant for 2nd basemen and shortstops whereas outfielders can go for larger outfield gloves that offer maximum reach.

For recreational purposes you can even decide to go for general purpose gloves that can be used for any position.

Size of the glove

Size of the glove is an extremely important factor as improperly fitted gloves can negatively impact your performance. There is a good chance that a loosely fitted glove can come off your hand during the game. Lose fitting can also make it difficult for you to catch the ball properly. A glove that is over tight on the other hand can cause injury by restricting proper blood flow to your hand. So ensure that you buy yourself the right sized glove.

The best way to do this is to try out the glove at a store. See if the glove fits right and feels good. You can then order the same size glove online if you find better rates.

Quality of the glove

The quality of the glove depends mainly on the material used to manufacture it. Baseball gloves are made using heavy leather or synthetic materials. Gloves made with synthetic material are easy to break in and are usually inexpensive. You can go for these types of gloves if you are a starter or recreational player.

For professional players it is best to go for heavy leather gloves. Heavy leather gloves have a longer break-in period but provide a snug and comfortable fit. Some of the types of leather used to manufacture these gloves include top grain, kip leather, cow hide, kangaroo skin and pig skin. Top end gloves are made either with top grain or kip leather. Top grain gloves are heavier in nature and require a longer break-in period. Comparatively kip leather gloves come a bit lighter and have faster break-in. Gloves made with cow hide is easier to break in but also wear out faster. Pig skin and kangaroo skin gloves are far less durable and are best suited for younger players.

How much to invest?

The rate of a baseball glove may vary hugely depending on the type of manufacturer, nature and size of the glove and material used. Low end gloves can be brought at rates as low as $50 whereas a top end adult’s glove could cost you up to $300 or more. With proper research you should be able to get yourself a decent pair of leather gloves at $150 to $200. If you are a casual player, go for gloves priced between $80 to $125.

Glove maintenance

If you decide to go for leather gloves it is imperative that you buy a leather conditioning oil. Apply oil immediately after purchase and then break in the gloves by playing catch. For longer glove life make it a point to oil your gloves before every season, at the midpoint and finally at the end of the season. Make sure that you do not use any oil other than the conditioner made especially for baseball gloves or fine leather. Also ensure that you do use any oil that contains silicone irrespective of the manufacturer. Use oil sparingly and do not saturate your glove. You also got to remember some basic common sense tips like not leaving your gloves under direct sunlight and not submerging your glove in water. Following these simple tips will help keep your glove in perfect condition and help the leather stay healthy.

Good luck!

By: Mercus peter

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