Golf – Instruction Versus Self Teaching And Other Options

This is an interesting article about whether or not to use a golf instructor or just be self taught.  I found that it is important to get the fundamentals down early which can be very difficult through self teaching, especially when it comes to the correct grip and stance.  You can not actually see yourself swing unless you video tape yourself.  A good professional can get you into the proper swing plane for your body type and swing characteristics which you can not do bv yourself.  If you learn the correct swing ealry it will make a huge difference later on.

Golf can be fun no matter how skilled a person may be, but it’s human nature to enjoy something more if you are good and excel at it. Wouldn’t you agree? I know from personal experience that when I play well I feel much more exhilarated than when I have a bad round. Either way I enjoy the challenge of the game and always look forward to return and try to play better the next time. That’s why taking lessons will help you attain your highest level of skill and allow you to enjoy the game much faster than self teaching.

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Don’t get me wrong, I self taught as stated earlier, and learning was a real challenge but I enjoyed the ride. So if lessons are not for you right now, for whatever reason, tight budget, time constraints, etc. don’t let the joy of playing golf slip away by giving up. Self teach or learn from a friend or relative, watch video training DVD’s (check ads on this site for some excellent teaching aids) read books on golf like I did, but whatever you do don’t give up. You will be missing out on one of the greatest games ever devised by man.

There are many options to take golf lessons and the most important thing you can do is to select an instructor or teaching professional who is patient and doesn’t mind working with a new golfer. Some teachers may be very good but do not have the patience and fortitude required for the beginner. I would suggest to get a recommendation from someone who plays, if possible, or interview the proposed teacher and explain that you are a new golfer and get a feel or reaction if they will be right for you.

I actually did take a lesson or two a few years after I started playing but I was very disappointed with the teacher. All he did was watch me swing and say “OK that looks good”, no recommendations or advice on grip, set-up, tempo, timing, swing path, repetitive swing thoughts, relaxing techniques, grip pressure – NOTHING and for that reason I was soured on lessons for quite a time.

I have to admit that I changed my mind when I saw some good pros in action so please don’t let my experience sour you on the idea. I was at the local Golfsmith store about a year ago and I noted they had a supplementary section of the store just for lessons and practice. I was a bit unhappy with my game as of late and I wondered if they might be able to help. I bit the bullet so to speak and enrolled in a series of lessons for about $700. This included about ten sessions with the pro, including Video monitoring and playback, so you could see your swing in action. He was able to point out my swing deficiencies and I had direction of what I needed to correct in order to get back on track. Since you cannot see your own swing it is difficult to correct a swing fault by yourself.  A good tool to use to practice is a mirror where you can stop and look at your swing during each step of the way, but you first need to learn the proper basics or you still won’t know what you are doing right or wrong in your reflection.

A new player should minimally take a series of ten or even 20 lessons and schedule a monitored practice (which Golfsmith and some other golf schools offer ) to really put you on the right track to play. Your instructor will be able to rate your progress and you will see the results yourself as you begin to play. How quickly you improve will be the determining factor as to how many lessons an individual may need. If money is no object there are some excellent resorts that offer Instruction and Playing Packages.

These can also be found on and many are built around some of the finest vacation spots in the world. For the tighter budget but still opting for a lesson or two, try the local pro golf shop or resident driving range instructor.  Remember to ask them if they are experienced in teaching the beginner and let them know that this is your requirement. Happy Golfing!

Golf Instruction

When we come to getting golf instruction we want to be sure we are getting the best. We want to get instruction that will begin making us play better.

VGS Golf

If you learned to play golf back in the day you were told that the ball must go into a different position for each club. Modern instruction has made that a lot easier for you. To place the ball correctly in your set up position, simply place the middle of the club head in the middle of your feet.

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