Backyard Baseball Drills

Here are a few baseball drils you can do in your own back yard.

The Youth Sports Club is a leading producer of sports instructional videos and dvds. Produced by Coach Marty Schupak, This video has been called “the most creative sports instructional video ever made.” Coach Schupak takes household items and puts them to use as props for baseball drills. Instead of spending 0.00 for a baseball hitting net, coach Schupak shows how to make something equivalent for under .00. Other items such as cinder blocks, bricks, a bathroom plunger and believe or not, a dozen eggs make “Backyard Baseball Drills” a true baseball lover’s delight. Great practice ideas that kids and adults will love. For more information on how to purchase any of these titles, visit:

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What are the best baseball drills to improve your swing, make you a better fielder, and improve your throwing?

Individual statistics I want to improve on are range throwing strength/accuracy, Batting power/contact, possibly base running(as in getting good stealing jumps, and speed). Thanks for any information you can provide.

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Baseball Drills For Hitting

See how the hip slide will mess up your swing in baseball

Visit to discover the 6 Biggest Mistakes Hitters Make. In this edition, we cover the “Hip Slide”. If you’re a coach, make sure your young softball and baseball hitters overcome this problem early. We’ll show you how!

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Baseball drills and games for young kids?

Hey, I am coaching a sports camp, and for part of the time I have to do basic basball skills with 5 and 6 year olds.

I am running out of good games and drills to do with them. We are mostly working on hitting and catching tomorrow, but any drills/games would be of use.

Simple games are best, especially ones that do not require too much waiting in line. Please help me with ideas!

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Baseball Drills you could do by yourself?

I already am hitting off a tee into a shed, throwing bottle caps up and hitting them, pitching to a target on a shed, using a medicine ball, running sprints, and throwing baseball against the shed and fly-pops in the air. What other drills could you do by yourself? ANYTHING, improve fielding, hitting, running, arm, pitching whatever… Thanks in Advance

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Baseball Tips : Baseball Drills & Tips

There are endless amounts of baseball drills you can do to be a better player. Learn some baseball drills from a professional coach in this free video on baseball practice. Expert: Ricky Scruggs Contact: Bio: Ricky Scruggs was a state champion in high school, played in the junior college world series two years in a row and was on the division 1 all-big west team at UNLV. Filmmaker: Antonio Villagomez

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Pitching Drills by University of Virginia Pitching Coach

On, University of Virginia baseball coach, Karl Kuhn, has a fascinating discussion on pitching and injuries.

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What are some good Baseball drills I can do by my self?

What are some good Baseball drills I can do by my self? I am 13 and I am trying to get much better at baseball. I don’t have any one who will play with me. There is a park near my house with a Baseball diamond. I would like to be a much better defender and batter. I try to play every position on the diamond. I am not on a team so yeah. AND ONE MORE THING: When does Babe Ruth Lane baseball start???

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