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Tee Ball Baseball Drills

Tee Ball Baseball Drills Tee ball baseball drills teach players how to play the sport and have fun. There are many fun drills that players will enjoy while improving their skill levels and building confidence.

There are many tee ball baseball drills that will keep your players entertained while teaching them how to play the game. Drills teach the fundamentals and through practice and steady improvement the players will be able to enjoy the game even more.

Improving Glove Hand Coordination:

Glove hand coordination is one of the most important elements of baseball. One of the best tee ball baseball drills is using a plastic gallon container with the bottom cut off to envision the container as the glove. Toss tennis balls to the players and have them use the container (upside down holding the handle) to catch the balls. This drill is great for teaching what position the glove should always be in for catching the ball.

Learning to Call-it:

Often players will swarm the ball and interfere with each other while the runner is able to make it to first base. An effective tee ball baseball drill to control swarming is practiced by drawing large circles in the dirt of the infield. The player to whom the ball comes closest to (or the circle the ball comes closest to) fields the ball. In the event the ball travels between two circles, or right down the middle, the player who jumps first and "calls it" gets it and the other has to back off.

Practice Throwing Accuracy:

Throwing accuracy is one of the most important parts of coaching a great baseball team. In order to get players throwing more accurately use three lines and cones that narrow as they get closer to first base. Have the players practice throwing to the base, and any player who throws it between first set of cones gets one point, second set two points, and third set three points. If the ball gets by them, they can still make a throw from the starting point, but they get one point taken away.

The Speed Skater:

Line up the outfield to do this baseball drill, and have them jog slowly. Then the coach will yell out "left hand," and they will drag their left hand on the ground, continuing to jog. The coach will then yell out "up," and they will then begin to jog again. Then the coach will yell out "right hand," and they will drag their right hand on the ground.

The Sky is Falling:

In this t-ball drill the coach teaches players to get used to fielding a ball that is dropping from the sky above their heads. It’s wise to use some ultra soft, foam balls that won’t hurt if the kids miss it and get hit in the head. Have the coach stand behind each kid and drop the ball from the sky directly over their heads. The kids should have their hands up in position to catch the ball.

Base Running:

Young players often get distracted when they should be running the bases. A good tee ball baseball drill to keep them focused while running the bases is to have the other players run on the sides of them making faces and trying to distract them. This will teach them to focus on running while keeping their eyes on the ball.

Kenny Buford is a baseball and t-ball coach with over 20 years of experience. You can make your t-ball coaching life even easier by downloading his t-ball practice plans at the site: Tee Ball Practice Plans.

By Kenny Buford
Published: 6/4/2008

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