Eliminating Your Slice Through Mental Preparation

As all of us who play golf know, preparing mentally is as important as being in good physical shape. If your looking at ways of fixing a golf slice in your game then you need to focus mentally on your swing technique. Here are a few quick tips for your to memorize as you prepare to take each swing of a golf club.

free simple golf swing tips

  • Remove any negative thoughts from your mind and see the shot through your mind’s eye.
  • As you prepare to address the ball think in your mind how far you want to be hitting the ball and the position your club head will be taking through the swing to the ball.
  • Feel the correct path that your golf club will be taking in order to make a clean strike at impact.
  • Don’t change your breathing pattern and stay relaxed.
  • Make sure that the stance you take is comfortable to you. Shuffle your feet and shrug your shoulders to get that extra relaxed feeling.
  • For a firm foundation ensure that your feet remain still.
  • Make sure that you take a couple of practice swings so that you can feel the pace that you require for the distance you are hitting.
  • Tip yourself gently from side to side to ensure that your posture is giving you the correct balance for the swing to come.
  • Keep your lower body still whilst swinging as movement in the lower half of your body will alter your swing plane from the address to impact.
  • Start your swing and keep it steady throughout. A jerky swing will push you off line.
  • Remain focused on the ball throughtout the whole swing and to the finish, ensuring that you hit through the ball and not at it.  

Muscle Memory

Practing the same routine each time you strike a golf ball will give your muscles the opportunity to remember the whole swing action making it second nature, improving your game and removing the slice altogether.    

Learning how to improve a golf slice through the correct swing action is paramount to your success in being able to repeat straight golf shots time after time.  

Visualizing on the Golf Course

Mental skills are a part of the game of golf which you can practice easily from your armchair when conditions are inclement outside, and also when its sunny. Don’t forget that every time you vividly imagine a perfect shot your brain.

Improve Your Golf Swing

It’s important to remember, your golf swing is what drives your score; not your clubs or ball. When you’re playing golf badly it isn’t a lot of fun. It takes a great deal of skill, mental fortitude and perseverance to excel at golf.

The Shot Routine

This is the most important part of learning the mental game. It is what we need to continually repeat and practice to become better players. It enables us to. … The aim of the pre-shot routine, is to get as prepared as you can be for executing the golf shot you intend to play. Reducing all possible variables before making the back swing will give us the required confidence to perform. The shot routine will make this preparation happen and eventually, automated.

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