How To Play A Bunker Shot

How to Hit a Good Bunker Shot in Golf

If you want to lower your golf score, one important aspect of golf instruction that you need to master is getting out of sand traps.

This article shows how one could learn some tricks and strategies to get out of the bunkers effectively.

Most high handicap golfers dread going into the bunker. However, getting out from a bunker is basically a very easy shot….only if you know how. Always remember that you are not supposed to hit the golf ball clean. Do not make contact with the golf ball itself with the club. The sand is actually going to act as a cushion between the club head and the ball when you hit the shot out.

Most people when going in a bunker they try to pick the ball off the top of the sand with a chip shot action as though they’re on the grass. Now the problem with that is that the grass is very firm so you’re not going to dig in with the club. This means you can quite easily hit the golf ball first and get a decent strike out of it.

In the case of a bunker shot, most people tend to just duff it in front of themselves because the sand is fluffy and it breaks up. In order to hit a good bunker shot, what you’ve got to remember is that you’re actually going to take out the same amount from underneath the ball.

For good bunker shot, when you swing the golf club, the swing needs to be a lot longer and have a better tempo than with a chip shot, because you’ve got to allow for the sand which you’re going to take out with your shot. You must allow for that sand to actually take the power out of the shot.

If the ball is sitting up on the surface, your sand wedge takes less sand with it during your swing. If it’s buried you’d have to dig deeper, and the club will barely make contact with the ball. The following steps would help you to consistently hit good bunker shot:

1) As you are aware, the sand wedge has a wide sole. This is called the bounce. It will make is easier for you to lift the ball out of the sand and get it up quickly.

2) Place your feet squarely in the sand and make sure you have solid footing and balance. You have to take a firm swing to overcome the resistance of the sand.

3) Use an imaginary line just ahead of your ball. Open the club face and aim at a point about 3 inches behind the ball if it is sitting on top of the sand. The sand wedge would slide through the sand just under the ball and would loft the ball over onto the green.

4) If the ball is partially buried in the sand, focus at a point just behind the ball taking more sand with the swing

5) With all bunker shots, allow your follow through of the club head higher than the front of the bunker.

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Bunker Shot Fundamentals

Greenside Bunker Shot Fundamentals. • This shot should be performed using a sand wedge or lob wedge. • Open your stance and dig your feet into the sand. This helps you become more stable. • Position ball approximately even with the inside heel of your front foot.

The Sand Wedge Shot

The length of the sand wedge shot will determine how much you need to open the club face and how hard you must swing. Obviously, the longer the bunker shot the harder you must swing but, as much as possible, you should keep your swing the same.

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