6 Tips For Buying The Right Baseball Bat

6 Tips For Buying The Right Baseball Bat

Choosing the right baseball bat is perhaps one of the most important choices a hitter has to make as this can make or break his performance. Of-course there is no replacement for hard work and constant practice, but a good bat is definitely a plus and can play a major role in improving batting performance. If you are a beginner thinking about buying your first baseball bat then these tips will help you get some idea of what factors you should be looking at. These tips are also applicable to slow pitch and fastpitch softball bats.

1.) Know Your League Rules: The first and foremost thing you need to know before venturing out to buy a bat is the rules of your league. Check with your coach and find out the exact requirements of the league. Do they want you to use wood or metal bats? Is there a certain ratio between the bat’s weight and length that you need to follow? These are some questions that you need to have answers for.

2.) Fix Up a Budget: Baseball bats are available in a range of prices starting from as low as $25 and going as high as $400. A costlier bat does not necessarily mean better performance and is certainly not a replacement for hard work and practice. The only benefit of higher end bats is the relative light weight built. They come with very thin walls that help the hitter hit the ball with more power. The possible downside is that the bat will generate dents and other deformities as month’s progress. This means using your costly investment in batting cages would be a bad idea.

If you are a recreational player and are looking for a bat that can be used for practice in batting cages, a better alternative is to go for bats in the mid price range. This way you can get yourself a decent bat that will last through-out a season or two without needing replacement.

3.) Bat Material: Wooden baseball bats are out of the scene so there is no point in buying them unless you are a pro. Wood bats are less durable and are heavier. They also do not generate a lot of power. This leaves us with aluminum bats that are available in range of prices depending on their quality. Extremely light weight bats generally tend to be more costly, but nothing can be said about their durability. The durability depends totally on the type of alloy used to manufacture the bad. Most budget bats were made with standard aircraft aluminum. These bats were a bit week. Bats that were made with aluminum and small amounts of copper were a lot stronger. Today the market is flooded with a range of bats from different manufactures claming superior quality material. The best way to find out which bat is more durable is to check online reviews on the bat online or check with people who have already used the bat.

4.) Feel of the bat: If this is your first bat, it is best advised that you go to a baseball store and feel the bat for yourself before making the buy. Of-course once you know which bat to buy, you can always order the same bat off the internet to get a better deal. Internet gives you the opportunity to compare shop you bat which could help you find great deals.

5.) Bat weight: The lighter the bat the more the bat speed. More bat speed helps generate more power. This is why it is advisable to go for bats that feel light enough for you. The best to test if a bat weighs right is to hold the bat with one hand near the bottom with only your fingers (with the exception of your thumb) and try to lift it a couple of times. If you are not able to lift the bat using only your wrist then the bat is not the right one for you.

6.) Length of the Bat: The right length is equally important as the right weight. The length of the bat should be in tune with the weight of the bat. This is also known as the length to weight ratio. Weight ratio of a bat represents how many ounces a bat weighs in comparison to its length in inches. If you are buying a college or high school bat, this ratio will be under -3.

No matter what kind of bat your choose, it goes without saying that practice makes the game perfect. Remember this and you are sure to have a great game!

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Choosing A Baseball Bat

Here are some tips to use when you want to buy a new bat for your child.  The most important thing to consider is to increase bat speed.  This is accomplished through the weight of the bat.  Too many times parents buy baseball bats that are too heavy for the child.  Most youth bats should have at least a -10 factor unless the child is particularly big for his age, epsecially at the younger T-Ball and entry level age. 

Choosing The Perfect Baseball Bat For Your Kid

Are you raring to find that perfect baseball bat for your little leaguer? Well, you should actually do just as that. After all, you would want only the best for your child. Choosing the right baseball bat is very important in more ways than one. Keep in mind that your little leaguer’s hands may not be as big enough yet to hold a baseball bat. Therefore he will need something that he can easily grip and control. But with the many different choices out there when it comes to choosing a baseball bat for your little one, how can you differentiate among those which really fit your kid?

youth baseball instruction

Tip number 1 – Get to know the requirements of your kid’s baseball league

Every softball and baseball league comes equipped with its own rules and regulations that may even govern the type of bat to be used. It is important to know this first and foremost so you can easily trim down your choices. Keep in mind that baseball bats are made from different key elements such as hardwood and metalregardless if it’s for kids, for adults, or for professionals. Besides the type of bat, your kid’s league may also have its own restrictions when it comes to the bat itself. You wouldn’t want your little one to be out of place, would you?

Tip number 2 – Your kid’s age can be used to determine the length of the bat that’s perfect for him

Yes, you read it right. The length of the baseball bat will actually depend on your kid’s age. Besides the bat’s composition, you will also soon find out that choosing that perfect little league bat becomes hard in terms of length. Baseball bats greatly rely on their length when it comes to hitting potential, but this does not necessarily mean that the longer it is, the better chances of it hitting the ball being pitched. According to baseball bat standards, kids aged five to seven years are advised to use a 24 to 26 inches baseball bat. The list goes on and on, all you need to do is ask your sales person to give you that list so you can determine the right length that your little leaguer can handle.

Tip number 3 – Buy the bat with your kid and let him experience it for himself

While the thought of giving a baseball bat as a present seems sweet if not exciting, you should know that it’s also good to have your little one experience the bat for himself before you actually buy it. Why? Because this is the only way he can determine how comfortable he would actually be in using the said baseball bat. You should also remember that baseball bats are measured in terms of their dropthe difference that results from he bat’s length minus its weight.

Tip number 4 – The features will determine the price of your kid’s baseball bat

Remember that even those baseball bats for little kids are made up of high precision material. Among the most important component found in bats is alloy because this ensures that it would be able to withstand field and ball impact while playing. There are also other features, such as the gas chamber and sting reduction, which can also determine how expensive the baseball bat will be. At the end of it all, you should choose a high performing baseball bat for your kid which will remain to be comfortable when used despite of all the supposed features. On top of all these, you should also keep in mind that you will need to consider your child’s actual skill level when choosing the baseball bat to buy. After all, you can just upgrade to complex ones as he ages.

By: Mercus peter

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